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Ideal for small teams and startups


This month you want to keep an eye on progress, you have a flow going and need to keep accountable to yourself and your team

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  • Monthly success calls
  • Dedicated CTO for your team
  • Small Improvements
  • Direction and strategy consulting
  • Up to 1h daily


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Perfect for growing businesses


Its time to focus on gaining traction, attending to customers, adding process improvements, and keeping the team productive

Choose Growth
  • Custom landing pages
  • UI/UX design and branding
  • Software setup and automations
  • Specifications and process improvements
  • Up to 3h daily


Accelerate your product


This month you want to focus on adding features and growing your products offerings. Select a focus this month and execute

Choose Innovation
  • Full custom software build
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Test Driven Development
  • up to 10h daily
Success calls to keep on the right path


Set weekly objectives and keep yourself accountable to them

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Touchbase with us to set your next steps and to remain accountable


Your goals need to be challanged and updated regularly, keep up the good work!

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